Founded in 2010 and based in Cape Town, South Africa, PURELY WILD FOUNDATION designs and facilitates wilderness-based transformational experiences for individuals and organisations anywhere in the world.


PURELY WILD FOUNDATION is the realisation of a network of individuals and organisations. It includes leading edge environmentalists, guides, psychologists, change facilitators, academic institutions, business consultants and non-government and government conservation agencies. This union wholly supports the effective implementation of PURELY WILD initiatives.







Peter Raimondo, master wilderness guide and founder of PURELY WILD FOUNDATION, has been forging global relationships and executing hands-on Trails since 2003. Over the past eighteen years Raimondo has amassed comprehensive wilderness experience within the NGO and commercial sectors, as a master guide for the Wilderness Leadership School, private coach, as trainer for the Wilderness Foundation and through ongoing personal exploration. Complementing these achievements Raimondo holds a Social Science Degree with majors in Philosophy, Anthropology, Environmental and Geographical Sciences from the University of Cape Town.


“My curiosity has always been drawn to understand changing nature – the pragmatic integration of intuitive knowledge, natural law and transformational processes.”

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PURELY WILD FOUNDATION is the recognition of a dream that seeded when I was twelve during my first true wilderness encounter. I was transfixed by intense beauty, a deep feeling of belonging and a delicate and powerful reorientation of my self. As a teen, driven by the need to comprehend what I had experienced, I spent much of my spare time on solo journeys into mountains and deserts and the unknown parts of my own psyche. The call to these wild places was strong yet, persuaded to stay in school, I continued my studies, sought incredible mentors, and mounted far-flung wilderness journeys in other parts of the globe. As an adult I learned tango, poker and earnestly built a successful business venture. Although excited by the opportunities that were arising I found the call of the wild too hard to resist. And so after much contemplation on the integration of wilderness philosophy, spiritual disciplines and business practice I turned my attention to leading trails in my own back yard, our ancestral home, Africa. Hence, the PURELY WILD FOUNDATION was born and as it continues the pursuit to culminate and share understanding of true wildness, I relish the opportunity it provides to further explore deep nature connection and it's importance on a global scale.