inspired by those who have enjoyed experiencing PURELY WILD we trust it gives us opportunity to be part of many more impactful journeys

Not to be confused with team-building; this five-day process changed the way I think. When a human mind really connects with nature, we have the conditions for innovation. As a facilitator, Peter has that rare ability of not-doing and not-saying. Nature is our primary source. By looking consciously to that source, leading organisations are delivering innovations that set them apart. Given our scale of social challenge, this is not only about competitive advantage, it is about survival.

Nicola Robins | director, Incite


“I’ve come to know Peter Raimondo as a gifted guide. Gentle and knowledgeable, he sensitized the group to the magnificent landscape of the Drakensberg. Not imposing any particular thought or emotion, he continuously kept the space open for people to connect with their own essence and with the energy of the Earth. The trail provided me with new direction and commitment in my private and professional life.”

Jan Ernst de Groot | managing director, KLM


"Peter is the prime example of an authentic leader. His level of self-awareness, self-regulation, balanced processing and relational transparency are outstanding. 
It is a privilege to have him as a guide in the wilderness of nature and self."

Boy van Droffelaar | certified executive coach


Wilderness guides require a wide range of skills, a deep knowledge of the bush and qualities of alertness, courage and judgment. Peter Raimondo has all of these but also possesses the rare ability to explore the deeper relationships between wild nature and the human psyche and to guide trailists to a more profound understanding of the human presence within the Earth community. A trail with Peter is not only rich in humour and adventure, but is intellectually and spiritually satisfying.”

Cormac Cullinan | environmental lawyer & author of Wild Law


I have come to know Peter both as a friend and also in his professional capacity. He is an insightful, dedicated person with an ingrained sense of conservation. He has a mature approach to his work, which defines his life’s philosophies.”

Ian Player | conservationist & environmental statesman


“As a senior counselor to the Foundation of Natural Leadership, I have made more than 10 wilderness trails in the last 6 years in South Africa. These trails focus on leadership development for senior managers in the Netherlands. As a guide, [Peter] was excellent in leading us through his favourite nature and taking care of all the different parts of logistics. As a healer, he had great impact on the vitality of the participants. As a coach, he was instrumental in facilitating the spiritual parts of the programme. And as a human being concerned with ecology, he was able to raise considerably the awareness of the participants for the well being of our planet. In the coming years I will bring more executives to the wilderness of South Africa. I will go out of my way to have Peter as our guide.”

Fons Driessen | executive coach, Driessen Counseling


“Peter is a master guide who has the gifts of vision, sensitivity, creativity and healing. On trail he allowed a space where I could connect with my Self and all life. It reminded me of what is true, what is real, what is natural and what I long for. The experience has stayed with me and, in ordinary and extra-ordinary ways, transformed me deeply. My three day Solo with Peter was worth three thousand hours of therapy!” 

Felicity Hart | spiritual & life coach


“Peter Raimondo has that little bit ‘extra’ that we often look for in wilderness guides. His respect and sensitivity for the natural environment is extraordinary. His attitude and approach to guiding combined with his interpersonal skills and broad knowledge of African wildlife is an inspiration. It is a pleasure to be with him in the wild.”

Ian McCallum | psychiatrist & author of Ecological Intelligence