deep nature connection facilitating individual and collective transformation through direct experience of wilderness and wildness

We design, implement and facilitate transformative experiences in wild places. We offer expert guiding, the custom design of group experiences, access to restricted wilderness areas and the logistic support necessary for minimalist expeditions. This enables individuals and groups to find meaning and perspective beyond them selves through deep nature connection. 


Journeys leave no trace, often average six days in wilderness areas with high concentrations of dangerous game. We walk with backpacks carrying everything we need, we sleep without tents next to a fire at night and wash in the rivers we follow.


We touch the earth lightly. We walk with respect and sensitivity for our environment. We listen. We learn to live well, in our collective solitude, with the life that surrounds us. We take care of each other as our ancestors did. These co-evolutionary relationships remind us of our place on earth.


For every person that joins us for a Trail experience we offer a similar opportunity to someone living in a community around the wilderness areas we work in. 

For every person that travels internationally to join a Trail experience we contribute to foresting and restoring a damaged eco-system in southern Africa. 


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