TRAIL & CUSTOM offerings



exploring instinct, integrity and insight through immersive connection in wilderness

Wilderness Trail  |  5 days

Maximum: eight people. This Trail takes place in restricted access, dangerous game wilderness locales. There are no camps, roads, or communication infrastructure. No human artefact. We sleep without a tent next to a fire and take turns keeping watch at night. We follow our curiosity, the changing weather and the movement of the life around us. This is a powerful personal and inter-personal experience within the natural world.

Deep Wilderness Experience  |  8 days

Maximum: eight people. This Trail is an extension of the Wilderness Trail but includes pre and post trail facilitation in a lodge. This Trail allows for a greater readiness to engage with the experience and effectively integrate the benefits of the Trail into everyday life facilitating sustainable change. It is particularly effective for task-orientated groups, community building, and for those looking for new perspectives on self-mastery, value driven leadership and inspiring collaborative thinking environments.

Special Requests

We actualize special requests on an individual basis anywhere in the world. This could include solo journeys, vision quests, longer Trails or custom Trails for larger groups with specific needs. 



We provide consulting and training services on the relationship between human beings and the natural world for businesses, academic institutions, government and non-governmental organisations. 

Speaking Engagements

Enquire about Peter Raimondo speaking at your event or conference. Deep nature connection, wilderness and the unconscious, and other subjects on the nature of human beings and our wild world. 

Corporate Change Programs

Corporate Change Programs are designed for groups and use an emergent process to provide deliverable outcomes. These Programs are collaboratively designed, with you and your staff, drawing on best practice and experience within your organisation.

Facilitated processes can include; change initiation, a Deep Wilderness Experience and articulation and integration of emergent changes.

The lasting sense of community that forms within groups support the sustainable implementation of these change initiatives in your organisation. This is an ideal space for task-orientated groups of any kind – executive management, design teams, reconciliation initiatives, strategic planners – to begin their creative change processes and help actualise their truly unique, inspired and emergent products, services or visions.