why we are PURELY WILD



wilderness is the primary change agent

We believe that in these times of radical complexity and accelerated change other ways of being are needed. Through the direct experience of wilderness and wildness one’s capacity to manage complexity, to feel, sense and respond well to our changing environments can be extended powerfully. That by living, full bodied, into the most simple and material relationships in nature we can discover more complex and subtle realities that can profoundly inform our actions. 


We believe that through the direct experience of wilderness you will discover yourself as part of, along with all life, a communion of subjects. Every being having it’s own place, role and presentation of itself in the functioning of this life community. We believe that this life community, the visible world about us, is the primary manifestation of the divine and that wilderness is the most fluid expression of this divinity. 


This understanding, and the completely new and comprehensive responsibilities that we now hold, gifts that come with the privileges of power, calls for a greater awareness from us as human beings. How can progress extend beyond the individual human being to include the entire life community? How can we celebrate and care for the visible world around us? How can our personal and professional lives express our divinity?